Under rent of work power we comprehend the authoritative legitimate connection between two ventures by ideals of which the laborers and representatives of the first ( "endeavor giving the impermanent work" as per the wording in the Labor Code) is utilized by the other ( "customer undertaking") without stopping their lawful work relationship with the main endeavor. Normal for this framework is that there is no lawful association between the shopper endeavor and the gave laborers, for example their boss is the equivalent. 

The Bulgarian enactment has settled the above-expressed relationship in the Labor Code and the Employment Promotion Act whose arrangements present the principles of Directive 208/104/EO. 

The Labor Code presents an extraordinary system concerning the worker contract with an endeavor which gives impermanent work. It must be gone into until a specific occupation is finished up or for subbing a specialist or representative who is away. The agreement can't have as its topic the presentation of work under the states of first and second class work, work at ventures associated with the security and the safeguard of the nation, just as such where there are strikes. Taboo are statements which restrict or bring about the inconceivability for a work relationship to emerge between the purchaser endeavor and the laborer/worker during and after the lapse of the ideal opportunity for the exhibition of an occupation that the individual was doled out by the last mentioned. This way the individual working under such an agreement is given opportunity of decision on the business market. 

The compelling overall set of laws makes arrangement for an enlistment system for endeavors who give impermanent work, forced by the particular character of the offered business framework. They should be enlisted at the Employment Agency under the conditions characterized by the Employment Promotion Act. The enlistment is made simply subsequent to introducing a concurring composed application and reports which demonstrate that the lawful prerequisites for delivering such an action are met, among which is the successful gathering protection to the measure of BGN 200 000 or the bank ensure likewise to the measure of BGN 200 000 to ensure the receivables of the laborers and representatives to be recruited for transitory situations by them. Any venture giving transitory work without enlistment is subject to an approval, individually a property authorize while with one another assent, the punishment increments. 

Presented is a limitation on the complete number of the laborers/representatives sent from the endeavor giving the transitory positions to the customer venture which can't surpass 30 to 100 of the all out number of laborers at the last mentioned. The laborers/representatives allocated brief work, because of this limitation, can't be placed in a troublesome situation in contrast with that of different specialists/workers working a comparable or same occupation at the purchaser venture. 

The compensation for the work is paid by the venture giving the laborers/representatives, which likewise practices disciplinary force on them since they are the business inside the significance of the Labor Code. From this reality emerges the commitment of the buyer endeavor to decide the due principle and extra work compensation of which they should advise the venture giving the work power. For any disciplinary infringement of the impermanent specialist/representative, the shopper undertaking must promptly answer to the venture which sent the laborer with a nitty gritty depiction of the infringement, the time, the spot and the conditions when it was submitted. 

The definite guidelines on this sort of dispatching of work power remember clear and exact principles for the dissemination of rights and commitments of the partaking endeavors with respect to the laborers/representatives and the settling of the rights and commitments of the last mentioned, which are an essential for a significantly more unique work market - in light of a legitimate concern for the business and the worker also.